Teaching Method

«L'approche communicative»

Isabelle Dupond teaches the French language with a method carefully designed to prepare you for real communication with French conversation. Because language is interactive, your lessons focus on language in context, with an emphasis on the social and cultural dimensions of the French language.

Grammar and structural language rules get their due, of course, but not in isolation. Over the course of your lessons with Isabelle, you will master the language through the everyday challenges you'll encounter in Paris: introducing yourself or a friend, giving advice, making a complaint, etc.

Tailored to your needs

Your specific language needs always take priority, and every lesson is custom-tailored to your abilities, motivations and interests.

French training needs materials taken from daily French culture

Some of the tools you will use to learn authentic French:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Film, video and television clips
  • Radio programs
  • Advertisements

Learn French the language by speaking it

Isabelle's French courses are an immersive experience in which only French is spoken. Never fear, beginners: you'll find the environment supportive and encouraging.

Working with children.

Isabelle has developped a special technique to use with children. She uses games, puppets, role plays and specialized material in order for them to enjoy their French lessons. They will have a great time learning with her, and have fun in the process. She also offers board games in order to broaden cultural awareness.

Learning as a couple.

She offers practical dialogues so that you can learn to get by in everyday life quickly and easily.

For every student whether they are an adult, a child, a beginner or someone more advanced, the first thing Isabelle focuses on is French pronunciation and intonation. Without them, you will never be able to speak French correctly.

"Isabelle has a very original and fun method of pronunciation and intonation to help people become confident speaking French quickly".

Isabelle's detailed written notes of your mistakes and trouble spots gives you a kind of custom textbook for study and improvement. Throughout, her patient but exacting pronunciation drills will hone your accent and intonation to improve your powers of expression.

Learn French in the intimate setting of a small group with no more
than four students.

These mini-group classes offer a lively, social way to master French. Your vocabulary builds quickly as you exchange expressions with your fellow students. These interactions help you overcome self- consciousness, putting you at ease with speaking French conversationally.

Group classes emphasize these conversational skills by role-playing practical scenarios and debating topics plucked from the week's newspapers. All of this makes for fun, engaging sessions where you learn not only the French language, but a little something about your fellow students, too.

Throughout, the focus is on making you feel comfortable with the language, making French feel familiar. We practice French intonations to give you the confidence to speak quickly and fluidly and, above all, to be easily understood. Classes start off, for example, by loosening up with a variety of phonetic exercises to help you relax into your French.

These are not typical, grinding grammar courses which tend to be heavy on theory but light on practical application. With an emphasis on natural conversation backed by structured worksheets for grammar and vocabulary, these group classes provide a foundation of linguistic knowledge that you can put into practical use in your daily life.